Fintech Mobile App

Research and analysis / UX,UI design and development

The Process



The Client

UK Fintech Company

The Challenge

Create usable and efficient mobile app to help users manage their finances in order to get a mortgage


As a result I have mined and analized data to define target audience characteristics, prepared lo-fi mockups for usability testing and hi-fi prototype with front-end code.

My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer

Tools and Technologies

Sketch, Invision, Supernova, React Native, Social Searcher DB, Similarweb, Semrush, Alexa, Ubersuggest, Mentionlytics etc.

Research & Analysis

In order to learn about the users and create consistent persona as well as customer journey I've had to mine data about them to know who they are - their gender, age, interests, social media they use, topics they are interested in, brands they love, jobs they do, websites they visit etc.


I have designed entire user experience - starting from lo-fi mockups to test them with real users. Based on the usability tests I've then designed hi-fi prototype with coded components


I have coded UI for the app in React Native. Dynamic elements were then incorporated in the further development process