Medical App

Research & Analysis / UX/UI Development

The Process



The Industry


The Challenge

HealthTech is the fast growing branch of mobile business. Although it is still a lot to do in improving the experience for the patients and clients as well as building industry best practices. This app was meant to be simple to satisfy users' needs whenever they need it.


As a result, I have analysed user audience resulting with personas, mapped the customer journey to reveal possible bottlenecks and opportunities and finally designed the prototype and coded the UI.

Tools and Technologies

Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Personas, Customer Journey, Sketch, React Native

Research & Analysis

I have used various web analytics tools to collect data about the target audience and conclude with some concrete personas.

After having established the personas, I have attempted to map the customer journey to reveal the possible opportunities to improve the experience with the app.


The design was prepared with Sketch and then coded with React Native.


I have handed over a complete UI coded prototype ready to fetch real data from a valid datasource.