OSX Upgrade

Usability Engineering Analysis / Prototyping

The Process



The Client

Private project.

The Challenge

OSX is almost a perfect system. Both in terms of technical performance and usability. Almost. There is always a room for improvement.This design case covers analysis and concept for improvement on opening and returning to the once folded windows. Please check for details below.

My Role

Lead Architect and Designer

Tools and Technologies

Invision Studio, Computational Usability Engineering

Research & Analysis

The proposed flow optimizes task accomplishment time from 5,83s in 1st case or 9,24s in 2nd case to 2,74sInteraction cost in my proposal is lower by 3 points in comparison to the 2nd case but higher by 1 point in comparison to the 1st case.Nevertheless I guess it is a cost that user will pay willingfully to get a significantly lower time of completing a task.