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Research and Analysis / User Flows / UX Design

The Process



The Client

Pharma Corporation

The Challenge

Management of different levels require to check data easily and reliably. Constraints ? Not really !


As a result, I have created a prototype of a responsive web app which utilizes machine learning model to help develop new medications.

My Role

I was responsible for UX Research and Analysis and creating interactive prototype.

Tools and Technologies

Sketch, HTML, CSS

Research & Analysis

I've had opportunity to meet the end-users, speak to them and gather important knowledge. in the process I have also used Product Features Design Framework. A multidisciplinary tool to create attractive digital products. Below are the documents with the output knowledge.


I have created interactive prototype using Sketch + Anima. It brought a really decent results. The prototype was tested by the users in recurring weekly test sessions. Below I posted a sequence of interfaces and how they changed from the beginning to the latest stage. Design - Development connection was built with Zeplin which served also as Design System Manager. Specifically speaking the images below are the representation of the Machine Learning module of the app. Sorry, but I can't show the images unblurred due to non-disclosure agreement.