System 1

Research & Analysis / Design

The Process



The Client

Pharma Corporation.

The Challenge

One of the strategic activities in the company is big data analysis in the field of drug development. Analysts face an obstacle when it comes to finding relevant data to use in an analysis due to huge quantity of distributed system storing required data. This results in extended times of delivering outcome of analysis which in return impacts management's decision making process


As a result, a data source search engine was created that takes into account the habits and needs of users that were defined during interviews

My Role

I was responsible for analysing the usage and user context and proposing a solution.

Tools and Technologies

Invision Studio, Angular, CSS

Research & Analysis

Interviews 1. Tell me about you daily routine 2. Please describe your practice when it comes to searching data 3. Please enumerate tools that you utilize during the process 4. How would you imagine a perfect system of searching data Collecting data to build a persona 1. Interviews 2. Google Analytics 3. Other statistics


The prototype was prepared in Invision Studio. This platform provides the ability to quickly prepare high-fidelity interfaces and ensures good cooperation with developers by providing css code for static elements and animations.  The prototype has also been systematically tested with users. The Landing Page: